Baronial Retinue

Each Baron & Baroness of Vulcanfeldt that sits upon the Baronial Thrones appoints a team to coordinate the administration of their Reign. The team members and roles may differ from reign to reign at the discretion of the Baron & Baroness.

Head of Retinue

The Head of Retinue is in charge of all of Their Excellenies’ retainers, guards and attendants. He or she makes sure that Their Excellencies are well attended, well fed, not thirsty, and takes care of other necessary administrative things at Their Excellenies’ discretion. If you are interested in being a guard or attendant please contact the Head of Retinue.

Court Coordinator

The court coordinator is responsible for preparing and organizing the court docket and making sure that Baronial court flows smoothly. If you would like to request time in court, please contact the court coordinator.