Baronial Officers

These are the current officers of Vulcanfeldt. Click on an officer’s name to contact them via email.

BaronessHer Excellency Fiona ingen Conchobair
BaronHis Excellency Ulrich Hellelicht
SeneschalLord Eldgrimr Hvikatimbr
Minister of Arts and SciencesThe Honorable Lady Ionamyst V Reginasdottir
Master of Stables/ Heavy MarshallHis Excellency Rurik Gjafvaldsson
Archery MarshallThe Honorable Lord Alric Ivarsson
ChatelaineThe Honorable Lady Dana Chathair Saibhin
ExchequerHer Excellency AEsa Ormriauga
ChamberlainLord Davyd Stanley
HeraldGregoir Au Balle
Social Media DeputyLady Ryan Arrowseeker
ScribeKáta Býfluga