The Barony of Vulcanfeldt has a wide array of resources available to its members. Please see the list below. Please contact our Librarian to check-out one of the valuable resources. Additional resources can be found in the Kingdom Library.

Barony of Vulcanfeldt Library

ArmourOld Sword Play TechniquesA. Hutton
ArmourThe Compendium of WeaponsArmour & Castles
ArmourArms & ArmorEyewitness
ArmourLeather ArmourPaul Carpenter
ArmourThe Dogsolder CodexPfeifer & Perrin
ArmourTech of Medieval Armour Reproduction 14th Century
ArmourThe Practice of Arms (VHS)
Arts & CraftsMade in the RenaissanceC. Price
Arts & CraftsBobbin LaceKlimt
Arts & CraftsArts & IdeasW. Fleming
Arts & CraftsBelly Dance (DVD)
Arts & CraftsBelly Dance Basics (DVD)
Arts & CraftsDesign and Drafting for Handweavers (Copy)
Arts & CraftsSources for the Study of Herbalism (Copy)
Arts & CraftsWeaving Medieval Fabric (Copy)
Arts/GraphicThe Tasks of TantalonS. Lavis
Arts/GraphicAdult Coloring Book Designs
Arts/GraphicAmazing Swirls Adult Coloring Book
Arts/GraphicCeltic Design/Medieval Design
Arts/GraphicCeltic Patterns
Arts/GraphicDesigns & Ornaments from the Chapels of Norte Dame
Arts/GraphicEarly Medieval Designs from Britain
Arts/GraphicGothic Medieval Designs
Arts/GraphicGraphic Source Clip Art
Arts/GraphicCeltic and Anglo Saxon PaintingCarl Nordenfalki
Arts/GraphicMedieval Alphabets and Decorative Devices
Arts/GraphicMedieval Illustrations
Arts/GraphicMedieval Life and People Images
Arts/GraphicMedieval Ornament Full-Color
Arts/GraphicMiddle Ages
Arts/GraphicOrnate Letters & Initials
Arts/GraphicRacinett's Historic Ornament Design
Arts/GraphicRenaissance Woodcuts
Arts/GraphicSimple Techniques for Realistic Drawing
Arts/GraphicTreasury of Medieval Illustrations
BiographiesRobert the BruceABC Printers
BiographiesElizabeth TudorBay Press
BiographiesElizabeth StuartE. Jenkins
BiographiesThe Personal History of Henry the EighthFrancis Hackett
BiographiesThe History of the Kings of EnglandG. of Monmouth
BiographiesThe Story of the King Arthur and His KnightsH. Pyle
BiographiesThe Realms of ArthurH.H. Miller
BiographiesThe StuartsJ.P. Kenyon
BiographiesWilliam ShakespeareMichael John Parker
BiographiesThe Private Life of Henry VIII (A biography of His Queens)N. Morrison
BiographiesAnne BoleynNorah Lofts
BiographiesKing ArthurPitkin
BiographiesEnglish RenaissanceThe Life and Times of
BiographiesThe Three EdwardsThomas B. Contain
BlacksmithingThe complete Modern Blacksmith
Castles, Knights, ArmourIllustrated Book of KnightsCoggins
Castles, Knights, ArmourCastle, Abbey and TownI. Simonton
Castles, Knights, ArmourLife in a Medieval CastleJ & F Gies
Castles, Knights, ArmourKnights and CastlesOsborne
Castles, Knights, ArmourEnglish CastlesPettifer
Castles, Knights, ArmourKings, Bishops, Knights and PawnsR. Arnold
Castles, Knights, ArmourEdinburgh CastleSouvenir
Castles, Knights, ArmourTintagel CastleSouvenir
Castles, Knights, ArmourChivalry and Mailed KnightsW. Buehr
Castles, Knights, ArmourKnights and Castles and Feudal LifeW. Buehr
Castles, Knights, ArmourWarriors WeaponsW. Buehr
Children's BooksThe Norman ConquestC. Walter Hodges
Children's BooksNorse Gods and GiantsIngri & Edgar D'Aulaire
Children's BooksYoung VikingJack Coggins
Children's BooksCastles (pop-up)Kyle Olson
Children's BooksSt. George and the DragonM. Hodges
Costuming/GarbHistoric Costume in PicturesBraun & Schneider
Costuming/GarbVecellio's Renaissance Costume BookCesare Vecellio
Costuming/GarbThe Costume TimelineClaudia Muller
Costuming/GarbMedieval Costume and How to Recreate ItDorthy Hartley
Costuming/GarbCostume 1066-1966John Peacock
Costuming/GarbPatterns for Theatrical CostumesKatherine Strand Holkboer
Costuming/GargFrom the Skin OutLady Anne of Cleavages
Costuming/GarbIrish DressMairead Dunlevy
Costuming/GargThe Medieval Tailor's Assistant / Making Common Garments 1200-1500Sarah Thursfield
Costuming/GarbRacinet's Full-Color Pictorial History of Western DressRacinet
Epic PoetryThe Women TroubadoursMeg Bogin
Epic PoetryBeowulfTrans by M. Alexander
HistoryMedieval LifeBK Eye Witness Books
HistoryThe Cultural Atlas of the World Medieval EuropeD. Mathew
HistoryHistory of FranceG. De Bertie de Sauvignon and D. Pinkness
HistoryA Shortened History of EnglandG.M. Trevelyan
HistoryClans and Families of IrelandJ. Gresham
HistoryRevelations The Medieval WorldJ. Harper
HistoryEyewitness to HistoryJohn Carey
HistoryAncient CivilizationsLamberg-Karlovsky, and Sobloff
HistoryThe Fifteenth CenturyM. Aston
HistoryIn Search of the Dark AgesMichael Wood
HistoryMedieval WorldOsborne
HistoryThe Twilight LordsR. Berele
HistoryThe History of Medieval Civilizations in EuropeR.W. Collins
HistoryThe Bayeoux TapestryRichard Rex
HistoryEveryday life in the Middle AgesSherrilyn Kenyon
HistoryGlastonbury AbbySouvenir
HistoryWestern Civilization 3rd Ed.Spielvogel
HistorySimplifies SimplicissimusTranslated by J.J.C. Von Grimmeshausen
HistoryThe Memoirs of Cluckel of HamelnTranslated by M. Lowenthal
HistoryUppity Women of Medieval TimesVicki Leon
HistoryThe Cathedral of Burgos
HistoryYork Castle Museum
Leather WorkingLeathercraftL. Hernard
Leather WorkingThe Leather Working Handbook
MusicOne Hundred English FolksongsCecil J. Sharp
NamesThe Scottish Book of NamesLain Mair
Roman/Greek LifeCaligula, The Corruption of PowerA. Barrett
Roman/Greek LifeThe Later Roman EmpireAveril Cameron
Roman/Greek LifeLife in Ancient GreeceDover
Roman/Greek LifeLife in Ancient RomeDover
Roman/Greek LifeRomans and AliensJ.P.V.D. Balson
Roman/Greek LifeRoman Baths A View Over 2000 Years
Sergeantry ResourcesThe Art of Courtley LoveA. Chapel Lands
Sergeantry ResourcesThe Art of Courtley LoveA. Chapel Lands
Sergeantry ResourcesChess StrategyEdward Lasker
Sergeantry ResourcesAnTir Doomsday Bool XX (CD)
Sergeantry ResourcesSCA Sergeants Dance Mix (CD)
Sergeantry ResourcesThe Known World Handbook 3rd Edition
StonehengeStonehenge and Neighbouring MonumentsEnglish Heritage Publication
StonehengeStonehenge DecodedGerald S. Hawkins
StonehengeStonehengeRobin Heath