Awards Given at Yule

Let it be known that Their Excellencies recognize their populace and the great works they do. Therefore the following awards were given at Baronial Court during Yule 2022:

• Argent Owl: Sir Steinnar Ravensfury
• Alerion: Bjorn Thorvaldson
• Wyvern’s Grip: Dana Chathair Saibhin
• Atta Boy Belt: Cole
• New A & S Champion: Baroness Aesa Ormriauga


Baronial Polling IS OPEN!

Online Selection Polling Now Open for the Barony of Vulcanfeldt. Please use the link below and follow the instructions provided. Please message me with questions: pollings@antir.org

Thank you!
Ana De la Sara

Poll Here

So, who are we polling for? Get details on the Facebook Group Here.


Baronial Candidate Meet & Greet

Greetings to the Barony of Vulcanfeldt! I am looking forward to hosting you all for a meet and greet of your new Baronial Coronet Candidates, Tuesday 07/19 from 6-8PM, and the link listed below:


We will be having an open Q&A for the following couples:

Mistress Fiona ingen Conchobair and HLS Ulrich Hellelicht

HL Jon MacLeod and HL Ionamyst V Reginasdottir

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Ana De la Sara 


Notice on Baronial Polling

On April 14th, 2022 Her Grace sent out the following message to the populace:

“The Kingdom Seneschal has sent a message…

The Crown has determined that the following needs to take place before a Baronial Polling can commence:

  1. The Branch Customary and Financial Policy are both finalized.
  2. All officers should have a deputy to their office.

Once this is completed we can inform the Crown that we are ready to start the polling. Our next council meeting I will begin the process of finalizing the Customary. I will be looking for your Seneschal to work on filling the deputy positions with the current officers. The Exchequer will be directing the Financial Policy review. I will be available for guidance and assistance as needed.”