Masque & Steel – Baronial Rapier Champion and Arts & Sciences Champion Tournaments. Held annually in February.

Baroness’ War – A gathering of all Baronies in An Tir, where Vulcanfeldt and Her Allies defend these lands. Began under the reign of Baroness Regina and Baron Shannon, it was originally titled Hopping Phules. Held annually in April.

Champion’s Tournament – Armored Combat Tournament that determines the Heavy Champion of Vulcanfeldt. The title is held for one year, at the end of which the retiring Champion is granted membership into the Brotherhood of the Berserker in honor of their prowess on the field and service to the Barony. This event also hosts a Youth Armored Combat Championship for those children under the age of 16.

Archery Fest – Held annually in September, Archers from across the Kingdom of AnTir come to our lands to vie for the title of Baronial Protector. Like the Armored Combat Champion Tournament, there is also a Youth division for children 16 and under. Throughout the weekend, Archers enjoy a variety of shoots including York, Clout and Royal Round.

Inlands Yule – The Populace of the Inlands gather in December to celebrate Yule. Each Year, the hosting responsibilities rotate between the Baronies of Wastekeep, Vulcanfeldt and Wealdsmere. This tradition began in 2018, with Wastekeep being the first host. It is typically a free event to reward the Populace for their hard work throughout the year, and to celebrate our unity. There is a gift exchange, Santa Baron, and a canned food drive for whichever community the event is hosted in.

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